Monday, September 21, 2015

Me On Monday

I always enjoy Sian's Monday posts, so thought I'd give it a try myself! We had a great Saturday; it was just the perfect kind of late summer day. First, we headed to Yellow Springs for A Wool Gathering. It was their 20th anniversary, but the first year for us. We will be back.

I bought this lovely hand-dyed sock yarn. The hanks are truly gorgeous in person. I hope I can bring myself to knit them up. 

These shawl pins caught my eye. I couldn't resist the block O, plus another not shown in this photo. Never mind that I don't own any shawls. I can knit.

This guy was loving the attention. We met up with our DIL and granddaughter, so visiting all the animals was a must. The granddaughter wasn't too sure at first, but eventually became brave enough to touch a few.

 This is what she really wanted....freedom!

Then it was back home to watch Buckeye football and knit my Scoreboard Cowl. The game was too close for comfort, but I did get some color variety from their not-up-to-par performance. So there was an upside, sort of.

Yarn shopping, football, knitting, time with family. What a perfect Saturday!


  1. So glad you decided to join in on the Me on Monday - but you forgot your picture! It looks like a lovely Saturday. Hard to believe your granddaughter is a toddler already.

  2. That does sound like a great day! We had a relaxing weekend with some football watching yesterday!

  3. Lol! I sneaked through without a picture of me this week. I have a cold and am really not ready to be photographed.

    It's so good to be giving you a wave this week Sue. I hope you have a great've got all the makings of a good time right there with that gorgeous wool. It's making my fingers twitch just looking at it (tho I'm also agreeing..maybe it is too nice to actually knit up?)

  4. That yarn does look gorgeous - hand dyed is always such a pleasure to see with all the variations.


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