Saturday, December 27, 2014

Favorite Scrapbook Layouts of 2014

What a year 2014 has been for us! We basically re-arranged our lives in just about every way imaginable: new state, new community, new house, new job for my husband and a new baby granddaughter! It has been worth all the upheaval in so many ways for so many reasons. 

One thing that did not change was my love of scrapping. Here are my favorite layouts from the past year and a short explanation of why they made the cut.
This layout is included because there is a photo of me that I actually like. Shocking, I know.

Great memories of a location we lived in for almost 25 years. Don't tell my rabid OSU-fan family, but there are things about Michigan that are quite nice.

Any layout that combines photos spanning over 40 years is a winner in my book. I love making these kinds of connections.

Going to the beach is another family tradition that has spanned the decades. Finding new ways to document this ongoing story is a challenge I gladly accept.

Self-explanatory, don't you think? Plus, I have no words to describe.

He really is an awesome grandfather. I love being a grandmother with him. This is a great time of life for us and we are thankful.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed this blog, left comments, and just generally been supportive. I am grateful for the online friendships, especially this past year. My very best wishes to you all!


  1. Boo hoo hoo. Even though I understand that life is always bring change, this makes me sad. You know I will keep track of you where ever you may be hanging out. Best wishes for a fabulous 2015.

  2. It certainly has been a year of changes for you - so much good stuff! I'm sad to see your blogging end, but totally understand and hope to cross paths in other venues throughout the year. Hope you have a fun 2015!

  3. Such great pages. I'll really miss your blog posts! I look forward to seeing your YouTube videos. While I know not nearly as many people look at my blog as YouTube and other platforms, I still consider blogging to be home base and an easy way to search for my content. I don't know if anyone else searches blogs for pages and techniques they remember seeing but I do. Thank you for maintaining yours. Wishing you all the best!

  4. Best to you in 2015 Sue. No matter what decisions and changes you make in 2015 I hope they make your year fabulous. I'll be seeing you no matter what ;-)

  5. I'm sorry to not be able to see your layouts on a regular basis. I've enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. Best wishes. Michelle t

  6. Sad to see your blogging end, but completely understand.
    I have been very, very close to letting it go several times.

  7. So sad to hear you are no longer in MI and that you are done blogging... but I understand that. CONGRATULATIONS on the beautiful granddaughter!!! Best wishes going out to you. :)

  8. Congrats on your beautiful Granddaughter Sue... We will miss you Sue...All the best Sue... hugs...x

  9. Looking forward to seeing your work in other venues Sue.

  10. Hope I can find you at GIS. I love your work. Best of luck.


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