Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Visual Storytelling on Scrapbook Pages

Have you ever considered the characters, setting and plot of your scrapbook page story? It sounds a little bit like English class, but that's okay. I liked English class. Here's a page where these three elements are evident in the photos. It was also the perfect excuse to use those cute fox embellishments. That's a win-win in my book.

Collection Featured: Basic Grey Grand Bazaar
This page is about shopping for our granddaughter's baby room. The characters are our son and daughter in-law, the setting is Ikea and the plot is selecting stuffed animals to set the theme for decorating. I placed an outside shot with the name of the store in the upper LH corner of the layout as an entry point. The photos flow clockwise around the page, symbolizing the way we wandered around the store, selecting the perfect stuffed animals.

You can see what the rest of the Get It Scrapped! Creative Team did in the full article.

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  1. Sue, I like your arrangement of photos. It must have been fun and a little overwhelming to shop for the first baby.

  2. Thought-provoking post Sue. Your page really does tell the story. Your pages always focus on the photos. Love the fun fox accents.

  3. What a fun thing to get documented. Did any foxes end up in your granddaughter's room?

    1. Yes, that cute fox in one of the photos is now in her bedroom. I try not to sing "What Does the Fox Say?" to her, though. Too scary.


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