Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Scrapbooking About Hobbies

This week I had the privilege of being one of the panelists on the Paperclipping Roundtable! It was a completely delightful experience. If you are visiting here for the first time as a result of listening to the podcast, Welcome! So glad you dropped by.

The topic was Scrapbooking About Your Hobbies. Love to do that! Thought I'd share a few of the layouts I mentioned on the show. My favorite hobby next to scrapbooking is knitting. The past two years, I've created summary layouts about my major knitting accomplishments.

Music has been both my lifelong vocation and avocation. Here's a layout about sitting in with a friend's band for a New Year's Eve gig. I'm not too old to rock and roll!

We also talked about collections, otherwise known as our stuff. Phil and I have plenty of that! And noticed how I'm scraplifting myself? I love the photo strip look.

Although this didn't come up, I love to scrap about my husband's favorite hobby, photography. Sometimes he even lets me borrow a camera. Then it's game on. 

He's done many weddings over the years, but just as a small side business. In that case, I become his assistant. We work well together and enjoy sharing the experience.
What are your favorite hobbies? Do you scrapbook about them?

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  1. Sorry I left a comment on your previous post. I heard the show today and thought you were great. It was an interesting topic and gave me food for thought. I've not scrapped anything about myself but I have a layout planned with a pic of a very thoughtful gift my daughter gave me. Anyway congratulations and you were awesome. Michelle t

  2. Great layouts. Sorry I haven't been by to visit in quite a while. Life seems busier than b4 we retired...never enough hours in the

    i do scrap our hobbies, camping, fishing, papercrafts, golfing...I scrap them all.

    Your layout of your knitting are fabulous. You are a really great knitter...I am so impressed!
    I smiled when i saw your comments about being the photography assistant. My daughter helps out her girlfriend who is a photographer...she is the pople arranger and detail checker...I know what you do and the skill it takes to help him get great shops.

  3. These are all just fabulous! And I heard you on the PRT. That was awesome!

  4. awesome layouts! i need to do one on my addiction to tennis! might have to get hubby to come and take photos of me

  5. I listened to the PRT show yesterday & really enjoyed it! I've scrapped about my scrapbooking and have an 8x8 album where I scrap some of the DIY crafts & projects we've done. And, of course, I've scrapped about Robbie's collecting hobby and how we like to read.

  6. Congrats on successful PRT show! I enjoyed seeing all your layouts. Love you documented the bits and pieces of your life!

  7. These are all great layouts! I love scrapbooking about our hobbies, which during the summer ends up being mostly lake layouts the last couple of years! :)

  8. I will have to check out the podcast, I have heard great things about it :)
    Great layout Sue :)

  9. These are beautiful SUe!!! Hugs....x

  10. Hi Sue! Just listened to you on PRT and enjoyed every minute. Great episode.

  11. I'll have to make sure I get over to the Roundtable and hear you talk about this. Great group of pages Sue!


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