Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inspired By...Voices

The assignment from Get It Scrapped!: Make a page in which the "voice" of one of your subjects comes through. What a great challenge! I need to do layouts like this more often.

Collection Featured: Simple Stories Sn@p!
This page is about how much I enjoy my son's Twitter posts. He is grown up, married, and living in another state, but I can still catch glimpses of his sense of humor, opinions and attitudes through social media. I printed a small collection of his tweets that best reveals his personality to create this page. It was so much fun putting this together!

You can see what the rest of the design team has done in the article here.

Speaking of voice, here is a clever little 4-minute video from Debbie Hodge. You get the flavor of the interviews that take place every month over at Masterful Scrapbook Design. I try not to miss any of them, and always come away feeling inspired and connected to the online scrapbooking community. Love that!

Right now you can get a deep discount on a 3-pack of classes at Masterful Scrapbook Design and join the fun! A simple one-time payment sets you up. Hope to see your name in the chat room!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Write.Click.Scrapbook. Saturday Sketch

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Every third Saturday over at Write.Click.Scrapbook. they post a sketch. This month, the collection of blocks for photos, title and journaling establish a wonderful foundation. Kind of a wonky grid, if you will. Here's my layout based on the sketch.

I altered the sketch a bit with my embellishment choices and I added a border. Small tweaks that make the page mine.

This is my favorite kind of title: words snuggled together with different colors, a couple of fonts, and a just little off kilter. Just a little.

The page is about a new Italian restaurant not too far from our house. It's fast becoming a regular hangout. Doesn't hurt that there is ice cream right next door, either. You can find the sketch, color palette ideas, and a downloadable cut file in the article here.

Here is my latest YouTube video, so you can see the process of how this layout came together, if you so desire.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scrapbook Coach: In A Block

I've been scrapping through the latest installment in the Scrapbook Coach series. This set of four videos is called "In A Block", meaning most of the page elements are in or on the block.

My first layout is based on the first video, where the mat is very explicit. A great choice for two or more photos. The basic design can be worked over and over again, with variations.

The prominent diagonal stripe was a bold choice, but I like the energy it brings to the page. I think it keeps the block from being, well, too block-y.

With a small space for my title, I had to keep it short and sweet. I like the way the diagonal line is repeated in the black letters and I was fortunate to find Thickers that matched the cardstock framing my block. I normally would not use two uppercase fonts, but with space at a premium sometimes you just have to give a little. At least I varied the color and size.

I love the way this tag breaks out of the block, just a little. Enough to add interest and variety. That's all I need.

This layout is based on the fourth video, where the block is a pieced arrangement of various patterned papers. So many ways you could do this!
Collection Featured: Basic Grey Persimmon
I love this look! The suggestions in the video for using patterned papers included ideas that will carry me well beyond this single layout. I love that, too.

Scrapping right along with the video is so relaxing. What can I say? Sometimes I'm happy to be a follower. The page comes together quickly, and I'm learning not only what to do, but why to do it. Such great ideas.

I'm also greatly enjoying Basic Grey's Persimmon collection. This is the second or third layout I've made with this line, and I have yet to make a page about fall! That really speaks to its versatility.

I hope you'll check out the Scrapbook Coach series. With six very affordable classes to choose from and more on the way, it's a real treasure!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Inspired By...Ransom Titles

The assignment from Get It Scrapped!: Make a page with a "ransom" title.
You know, that ransom note look where the message is made from words or letters cut out of a magazine so the criminal's handwriting can't be identified. What a fun idea!

Collection Featured: Allison Kreft Composition & Color
This page is about my husband putting up a ceiling in our basement. I made my ransom title with an assortment of Thickers mounted on card stock. I cut the card stock the same height, but varied the width according to the width of the letters. I tried to make sure my hand cutting was a bit uneven. (that was not hard to do) The "messy" look of a ransom title goes well with a messy remodeling project. I even managed to word my title like a mystery or detective story!

You can see what the rest of the design team has done with their titles in the article here. What a great way to bust your letter stash! 

Current Issue: Tension

Monday, September 9, 2013

Go To Designs: Rectangle On A Square

This month I'm combining Go To Designs with an assignment from Get It Scrapped!: Make a page that incorporates a rectangular inner canvas upon a square canvas. The principles are based upon the idea of the "golden" ratio and its implications for appealing design.

Collection Featured: Bella Blvd. All American
This page is about an outdoor concert we attended last Fourth of July. I chose to keep all the major page elements within the confines of the rectangle and used misting to ground the rectangle to my layered square background. The white title pops against the dark background, while small doses of red bring energy to the page and move the eye around. Just like the singer's performance, I wanted this layout to be simple, yet elegant.

Here are a few more examples of a rectangle on a square...
I layered several borders to divide my 12x12 background into two rectangles, then placed my design on the larger side. It's my way of creating something close to an 8.5x11 canvas.

Here my rectangle is formed by stacking two 4x6 photos vertically. The title, journaling and some embellishments spill over onto the 12x12 background.

In this example, the rectangle runs right to the edge of the page. The photos and patterned paper are placed horizontally. A few embellishments sneak off the rectangle, and one cluster placed in the upper LH corner adds interest.

One final example that I love. In the photo is my grandfather, holding his beloved rhubarb.

As usual, I have a Pinterest board with even more examples of this Go To Design. Besides the usual 12x12 pages, it's where I pin 8.5x11 layouts. They are perfect for rectangular inspiration!

To see the rest of the Design Team examples and learn more about the golden ratio, check out the article here.

This series was inspired by the Layout Issue at Masterful Scrapbook Design.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Scrapbook Process: A Color Palette

The September Gallery is up over at Write.Click.Scrapbook.! This month's theme is Palette-able, meaning everyone began with a color palette as inspiration. I came up with my palette by shopping my embellishment stash. How about a little Peek At My Process?

This color combo made me happy and provided plenty of options. I'm thinking of going mainly turquoise with orange and yellow as accent colors.

I selected photos from our trip to northern Michigan last fall. Harbor Springs is a lovely little resort town on Lake Michigan. Looking at these photos again makes me want to go back.

Pulled the appropriate Color Files of patterned paper, and I'm ready to start scrapping!

Matted my photo on white cardstock and selected possible options for the background. I wanted to divide my canvas in some way...

Decided to go with a vertical band design, using two of the patterned papers and thin adding orange borders. Photo is pop dotted. This looks fresh and clean. I like it.

Placing a grid of circles on top of the band gave me many small compartments to fill with all the embellishment I had chosen.

Layering, layering, layering. Like putting small puzzles together. So much fun.

Here's my finished page! You can see what the rest of the team did right here. It is an inspiring gallery; I think I pinned most of the layouts. Hope you can go check it out!