Wednesday, July 3, 2013

3 New Design Classes + Coupon Code!

I was super excited to see this offer today: Sign on for the next 3 classes at Masterful Scrapbook Design by July 11th and pay just $18 per class! These are in-depth classes that include:
  • a 200+ page idea book with focus lessons 
  • 50+ annotated layouts 
  • 5 live interview webinars with top designers 
  • 4 live “office hours” sessions where you can get feedback on your own pages or learn as you see others’ pages critiqued.
All 9 live events are recorded in video and audio formats for you to access online or download with “forever” access.

July/August 2013: Grids and Blocks 

September/October 2013: Tension
Click here to view more details

November/December 2013: Color
Click here to view more details

Be sure to use the discount code msd2013threepack when checking out. Just a reminder, this offer expires on July 11th. I am a regular attender at the webinars and office hours - I'd love to see you there!

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