Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Go To Designs: Centered

Welcome to a regular feature on this blog, Go To Designs. Today I'm focusing on Centered Designs. This scheme results in a well-balanced layout that is easy on the eye.

You start with a solid base in the middle, a basic square or rectangle, and build out from there. After establishing a focus in the center, it's easy to add different elements to fill in the page. In this example, I chose circles, a scalloped border and buttons to contrast with the center rectangles. A clean and simple design, yet very colorful.

Here I added banners to extend out from my center square. The title and small embellishment group in the upper RH are allowed to pull away from the center, creating added interest. Because this is supposed to be a relaxing page, there's plenty of white space allowing the eye to rest on the focal point photo.

Collection Featured: Simple Stories I Heart Summer
Brand New Page! Small details, like the misting, brads, and wood veneer, occupy white space and encourage your eye can travel around the page. In this case, I've created a diagonal flow by placing these elements in the upper LH and lower RH corners.

The Centered Design works especially well with just a few photos, or several smaller photos. Matting in the center provides the needed visual weight. As always, I have many more examples pinned on this board. Are you a centered scrapper?

This series was inspired by the Layout Issue at Masterful Scrapbook Design.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Inspired By...Masterful Scrapbook Design

The current issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design, Make It Mean, has been inspiring me with wonderful layouts that go beyond the obvious in meaning and detail. Since I have a substantial collection of older photos, an article written by Emily Pitts immediately caught my attention. "5 Ways to Find A Story" (when you really have no idea why this photo was taken) prompted me to create these two pages.

This humble piece of wood veneer was the inspiration for a layout about my great-grandfather.

By creating my page around a phrase I remember him saying frequently, I was able to focus on his personality and capture a bit of who he was, at least as I remember him. Love that.

Collection Featured: My Mind's Eye Kate & Co. Oxford Lane
This photo of my grandfather in 1936 with his new car inspired multiple stories. On this page, the journaling reads:
     I can tell Grandpa Bump is proud of his new car. No doubt he worked hard and saved money to buy it. By the time I came along, he was a successful business owner. Even when we were kids, he wanted us to earn a little money and was always happy to hear we were putting some in the bank, saving for that proverbial rainy day. (...or maybe a new car)
I have already scrapped this photo again for a July assignment, so you'll see it on a new layout next month. Since this is an older photo that was scanned, I can print and scrap it as many times as I want! Do you have stack of older photos? Are you ready to find a story or two?

As wonderful as the Make It Mean issue is, I'm eagerly anticipating the release of Grids and Blocks on July 10th. Can't wait to dive into that one!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Guess What?

...on page 58, to be exact. Pretty exciting stuff! Scrapbook & Cards today is planning their BIGGEST reveal day ever and will be celebrating with some great prizes from their partners. You can download this issue - for FREE! - right here.

So that pretty much makes my weekend. Hope you have a great one, too!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Folk Art Patterns

My assignment from Get It Scrapped!: Make a page on which you do something that's inspired by traditional folk patterns.

This page is about walking into a charming room in a little winepress cottage and instantly feeling right at home. The title is a song from My Fair Lady that I sing every time I look at these photos.
Collection Featured: My Mind's Eye Collectable
My product choices were inspired by traditional folk patterns and accomplish design goals. For instance:
  • The green and cream paper strip has a folk art motif and helps anchor the smaller photo. 
  • The folk art heart embellishments were cut with my Silhouette and layered with raised adhesive to flow across the page on the diagonal. 
  • Small details like the twine hand-stitched border and turquoise crochet heart help the layout look as cozy and inviting as the room in the 4x6 photo.
By the way, I sure didn't crochet that embellishment. It's from Bella Blvd. To see what the rest of the Creative Team has done with folk patterns, check out the rest of the article here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two-Page Tuesday: 10 Photos

My assignment from Get It Scrapped!: create a 2-page layout using 10 photos. This page is about celebrating my mother in-law's 80th birthday. The design is based on a sketch by Allison Davis.
Collection Featured: Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm
The 4x6 photo is the largest and the only photo in portrait orientation. Placing it at the beginning of the layout on a separate mat makes it the obvious focal point. The supporting nine photos are 3x3 candid shots taken during the birthday luncheon. Patterned paper strips and the title span the entire layout, while three embellishment clusters form a visual triangle.

I did a major dive into my embellishment stash to create these clusters. The hearts are a Fiskars punch, the wood veneer is from Studio Calico...

...the stickers are from Jillibean Soup and the flower chipboard is from Simple Stories. I'm kinda proud I pulled all that together!

To see what the rest of the Creative Team has done with their 10 photos, check out the rest of the article here.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I Have A Scrapbook Coach!

Confession: When the Scrapbook Coach series first came out, I was a bit skeptical. Did I really need someone telling me how to put a layout together? But that was a hasty judgement on my part. This series encompasses much more than that.

Collection Featured: Pebbles Seen & Noted; Pebbles Lakeside
Having Debbie Hodge "coach" me along on this layout freed my mind from the normal decision-making process. It made me realize:

  • I really like larger layered photo mats. Must do this more often.
  • I don't have to pick my background right away. I should try delaying a final decision until later in my process.
  • By following Debbie's guidelines, but making my own specific choices, I ended up with a page in my own style. Consistency is important to me, so this makes me happy.

According to Debbie, "the Scrapbook Coach video classes teach you to start with a common page foundation and then shake it up to make great looking scrapbook pages efficiently." After having gone through the process for myself, I'd say that is an excellent and accurate description.

Currently there are four Scrapbook Coach classes in the series, with a new one due to come out very soon, maybe by the end of this week. There is a free 3-minute video explaining the series and a free video of one of the lessons right here. I would highly recommend not just watching the video, but actually scrapping a page. My skepticism is gone and I am hooked on the Scrapbook Coach classes!

Friday, June 14, 2013

On the Home Front: It's Summer!

Here's my idea: a short post every now and then, with a few photos, of what's going on in my life besides scrapping. I'll call these On the Home Front, so you'll know what's coming. Seems a better title than "upcoming attractions of possible future scrapbook pages".

Now that warmer weather is finally here, these two spend most of their days watching the great outdoors. That means birds, especially hummingbirds, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and ducks. Sometimes our backyard looks like a scene from Bambi.

We didn't do much planting this year, but focused on getting a good layer of mulch on everything. I like this division of labor. He works, I take pictures.

But since Phil is the photographer in the family, he soon put aside his shovel and rake and picked up his camera...

We don't have many flowers in bloom yet. Still waiting for the clematis and my shrub roses to open. I think everything is going to be late this year.

After 25 years, I officially retired from teaching piano this month. Which means this baby is ALL MINE. I like to pick a composer and focus on his music for the month. The composer for June is Debussy. July will be Beethoven.

How's the start of your summer going?

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Scrapbook Process: Lots of Patterned Paper

My assignment from Get It Scrapped!: Make a page that puts several patterned papers next to one another and uses BORDERS between them. Great idea! A solid border in a neutral color is a wonderful way to divide many patterns and subdue an otherwise busy look. 

I cut this retro background with my Silhouette and filled it with ribbons of patterned paper similar to the colors in my photos. Digging into my stash organized by color, I selected papers from Bo Bunny, Crate Paper, Echo Park, Jillibean Soup and Little Yellow Bicycle. Quite a nice little stash bust!

Then I layered my photos on top, each one matted with a white border.

The alphas are from American Crafts and Bella Blvd. I love mixing colors and fonts when it fits the theme of the layout, which this one certainly did.

The finished page is about my inability to resist tempting colorful displays when shopping. The patchwork border, diagonal placement of the die cut and scattering of buttons all contribute to the lighthearted, playful character.

To see what the rest of the Creative Team has done with their patterns and borders, check out the article here.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Embellishment Collections

My assignment from Get It Scrapped!: Make a page that has many of some element collected in a grouping. What a great opportunity to do a little stash busting!

This page is about my Mom's love of cats, whether the cat in question wants to be loved or not. Hearts are an obvious theme for the layout and I collected them in two ways.

First, vellum heart stickers (Studio Calico) are placed on top of patterned paper hexagons and layered on the page with raised adhesive. 

Next, a border of wood veneer hearts (more Studio Calico) appears between the journaling strips. These subtle embellishments add dimension and interest without overwhelming the page.

Collection Featured: Webster's Pages Allison Kreft Composition & Color
I gotta tell ya, black cats are hard to photograph. I love Chessie's wide eyes in that picture. She does not like strangers, nor to be picked up. Which hardly matters to my Mom. To see what the rest of the Creative Team has collected on their layouts, check out the article here.