Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Focal Point Photo Strategy

This was my assignment from Get It Scrapped!: Make a page with 3 same sized photos -- but make one the focal point. The photos should be the same orientation (i.e., all portrait or all landscape or all square).

Here is my page. Can you tell which photo is my focal point and why?

The bottom photo is the focal point. I've tried to draw attention to it in the following ways:
  • matted the photo and adhered it to the page with raised adhesive
  • placed the photo on the vertical patterned paper in a "sweet spot" of intersecting lines (rule of thirds)
  • placed my title on the photo
  • placed journaling and embellishments around the photo

I made my own embellishments using Spellbinders circle dies, Creative Memories circle cutter and Studio Calico wood veneer shapes. A little stitching adds dimension and gives a finished look.

You can see more examples and read the article here. Are you ready to take on this focal point photo challenge? Or do you prefer other strategies to create a focal point photo?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Breaking Borders and Space

This is my third session in Debbie Hodge's Guided Study Critique Workshop.  I really enjoy the assignments and the weekly live webinar. It's fun to talk with other scrappers about page design! Our topic for this first week was Breaking Borders and Space. We are required to submit two layouts each week.

Project #1 - Break Out of a Band Foundation
First, a page I made several years ago using a vertical band as my design scheme. A few embellishments spill over the borders, but this is really a pretty tame example. Which is fine.

But for the class, I decided to go big or go home. Here's the same vertical band, but things are spilling out all over! The class liked all the fun colors and patterns.

Collection Featured: Simple Stories Sn@p! Life

Project #2 - Take It to the Edge
Again, a page I made earlier. The idea here is to have elements fall off the edge of the paper, like my hexagon border does. It helps guide your eye through the layout.

Here's what I submitted for class. I have to admit, this is outside of my comfort zone. I rarely take photos to the edge of the page, or use separate clusters in this way. The class liked the way I matted the photos and used the banners.

Collection Featured: Fancy Pants The Good Life

So are you ready to break out of your borders into space? There are so many different ways to go about it. Something about crossing over boundaries appeals to me. (we won't explore that beyond scrapping) But I doubt this will be the end of my adventures on this topic!

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Scrapbook Process: Stash Busting

Today I'm using up the last of my American Crafts Shoreline collection. Two sheets of 12x12 patterned paper, some 6x6 paper, a few stickers and Elle's Studio summer themed tags are all that remain.
I'm going to focus on that 6x6 paper pad to get my page going. Inspired by this Glitter Girl Adventure, I'm thinking about quadrants for a page base, with embellishment clusters on top.

Step 1: basic color blocking, with space allotted for my title and journaling

Step 2: border strips around the photos and journaling block, and a page border around the entire layout to frame it

Step 3 : title and journaling in place

Step 4: a visual triangle of clustered embellishments and another
visual triangle of word banners help the eye move around the page

Here I am, making my own embellishments again. This cluster includes patterned paper that I die cut, stickers with one pop dotted, and a brad.
The cluster above my title in the largest, with two patterned paper die cuts, stickers, an Elle's Studio tag pop dotted and two brads.
Here's the final cluster, and there you have it! I made a good dent in my stash with this layout and decided what was left could go in the donate pile. After all, the new goodies from CHA should start to roll in soon! Hope you have time for crafting this weekend. Are you making way for new supplies?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Use of Color on a Scrapbook Page

Have you ever chosen a color on your scrapbook page to create a feeling calm? or excitement? That was one of my recent Get It Scrapped! assignments. I selected the color green, typically associated with being refreshing, quiet, natural, calming. That’s why they have “green” rooms at TV studios for performers to wait in.

The layout is about Firestone Farm as it looked in the 1880's. We never miss a stop here on our visits to Greenfield Village. There's always plenty going on, yet the pace is relaxed and unhurried. I chose to work with olive tones to give the layout a nostalgic, old-fashioned feeling. The white scallop border and coral floral patterns provide contrast and variety.

You can see more examples of different colors and the emotional responses they tend to trigger in the article here. Interesting topic to consider the next time you are choosing colors for your layout!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Page Tuesday: A Home Decor Trend for Scrapbooking

Home decor trends can be a creative source of ideas for scrapbook page design.  In 2013, one of the evident trends is punchy flowers with stripes. My Get It Scrapped! assignment was to use this pattern combo on a layout.
Choosing a coordinated product line takes the guess work out of mixing patterns and colors. This collection from Pebbles contains a pleasing variety of stripes and florals in bright, "punchy" colors. I especially like the contrast of the white and grey backgrounds.

Collection Featured: Pebbles Seen & Noted

To create the title, I cut the script word with my Silhouette, paired it with Pebbles letter stickers and added Doodlebug Mini Pearls.
Then I layered paper, stickers and more mini pearls to create my own dimensional embellishments. It took a little time, but I got exactly what I wanted and likely saved some money over buying a pack of premade stickers. (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

There are more examples from the design team and links to articles with information on mixing patterns right here. What is one of your favorite home decor trends? Have you ever tried using it on a scrapbook page?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Round Up Layout

The Get It Scrapped! assignment: Make a page that is some kind of substantial round-up.

Over the years, we've taken trips along Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior in search of lighthouses. This layout is a round-up of those vacations, using left-over photos I saved from each trip. It was a bit of a challenge remembering the name and location of each lighthouse, but thanks to my scrapbooks and the Internet, I was able to locate all the information.

Collection Featured: Fancy Pants The Good Life

Collecting related photos onto one layout is a great way to see patterns in your life that have evolved over time. The key is, you have to be willing to "age" your pictures for a few months or years and perhaps look past the obvious for a deeper connection. There are more great examples of round-up pages in the article here.

Do you have some photos from the past that you could group with more recent photos and discover a topic for a round-up layout? These are some of my favorite pages!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Go To Designs: The Grid

Welcome to a new series here on the blog, Go To Designs! My first and favorite Go To Design is the grid. What's not to love about a a simple starting point of four-squares or nine-squares? There's so much you can do from there! Here are some examples from the archives, plus a brand new layout showing my latest take on the grid, 2013-style.

Four Square Grid: colorful and basic, with one visual triangle and the band across the middle

Four Square Grid: this more recent souped-up version includes a page border treatment, die cutting and use of negative space, and layering the photos on top of the grid on an angle

published in Scrapbook Trends,  July 2012
Nine Square Grid: in this simpler version everything stays neatly within the boundary of each hand-stitched square

Nine Square Grid: a bit more sophisticated: border stickers line two edges, the title, journaling and embellishments spill over the borders, and the photos are layered on top at an angle.

Collection Featured: Simple Stories Sn@p! Life
Four Square Grid: the 2013 version, which includes Instagram photos layered on top of a Silhouette-cut background, creating a circle grid and a square grid.

If you'd like to see my collection of 45 grid designs collected from all over the online scrapping world, here's a link to my Pinterest board. Are you inspired to try your hand at a grid on your next scrapbook page? Is the grid one of your Go To Designs?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Scrapping with Multiple Visual Triangles

The Get It Scrapped! assignment: Make a page that incorporates multiple visual triangles. I incorporated visual triangles in five different ways that feature color, pattern, shape and texture. Can you spot them?

There are groups of 
  1. banners 
  2. clouds 
  3. buttons 
  4. layered circles 
  5. embossed white circles 
placed in various visual triangles throughout the layout. Did you find them all? More importantly, do they help your eye move around the page?

I rarely complete a scrapbook page without a visual triangle of some sort. I almost feel like I've done something wrong if I leave it out, but of course, there are plenty of other ways to embellish!

How often do you turn to the visual triangle when you scrapbook: always, usually, seldom, never? If you are scrapping this weekend, perhaps you could challenge yourself to use it in a different way. Let color, pattern, shape and texture be your guide!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two Page Tuesday: The 7-Photo Scrapbook Layout

The Get It Scrapped! assignment: Make a one or two-page layout with 7 photos. This page is about my dad showing his grandsons how to fly a kite. Who knew these high school and college kids had no idea how to get a kite airborne?

To create this 2-page layout, I arranged the photos and journaling on the first page, then flipped the design for the second page.

There is not one focal point photo. Instead, the first page shows the boys unsuccessfully trying to fly their kite and on the second page, it's grandpa to the rescue!

Patterned Paper: American Crafts, Pebbles 
Alphabets: Bella Blvd.
Stickers: American Crafts
Mini Pearls: Doodlebug

I used my Silhouette to cut this kite border. On a layout with this many photos, I tend to go light on the patterned paper and embellishments.

You can see more 7-photo layouts in the article here. Are you a multi-photo scrapper? What are the challenges you face when using multiple photos on a scrapbook page? (perhaps I could address some of your concerns in a future blog post...)