Thursday, September 9, 2010

Color Challenged

This birthday layout has me thinking about color, specifically bright colors. I decided to go with bolder tones for two reasons. #1-The bright colors in the photos, especially my clothes and birthday cake #2-The birthday theme suggests bright, happy colors.
Now I'm trying to decide if I'm happy with the result. I used some basic design principles to try and pull it all together:
1. repeated patterns, specifically the circles and the stripes
2. mixing in some neutral colors, like the white & creme in my paper and title
3. the obligatory visual triangle, using 3 orange flowers.
The color scheme is supposed to be blue-orange complementary. I tried to think about the gallon-quart-pint thing, but I'm not too sure I pulled that off. Guess I just don't scrap with bright colors much anymore, so I'm not confident in using them. Honest comments are much appreciated, that's how I learn. (if I didn't want some feedback, I wouldn't be posting this!) Does anyone else have an element of scrapping that just puts you out of your comfort zone?


  1. Sue, I love this page! It is so happy with the bright colors - and isn't that what birthdays (months) are all about?? I've tried things out of my comfort zone and they always make me smile when I'm thumbing through my albums because it reminds me that being creative means trying new things!

  2. Your layout is lovely. The bright vibrant happy colors really go with the happy birthday theme. Stacy Julian would love this one!

  3. I agree birthdays call for bright colours. I am intimidated with bright colours also.

  4. I like your bright cheery birth month layout-You did a great job with the colors and the triangle floral idea. I have a hard time with leaving alot of white space on my layouts-I need to cover it all up with papers-so that's great that you worked outside your comfort zone. And it all came together in the end.

  5. Sue, I think the LO looks great I'm a big fan of the bright colors. Love the letters in the title and the flowers are so fun. I'm totally out of my comfort zone with cards. I don't know why, I struggle with them and don't really enjoy making them.

  6. Hi Sue, i think you did great. I love the colors and how you used the different fonts in the title. =)


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