Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thunder Over Michigan

This past Saturday was a perfect summer day here in Michigan. We decided on the spur of the moment to go to the Thunder Over Michigan Air Show, not too far from our house. So glad we went! The show was impressive and patriotic, scientific and historical. Phil wisely took an extra memory card and batteries for his camera. He needed them! He came home with over 500 photos, which made him very happy.

These B-17 Flying Fortresses were impressive lumbering overhead. They re-created a WWII air & ground battle. Hard to picture this entertainment as it would have been in a real time of war. So much more intense, I imagine.
The barnstormer pilot was crazy! How he could do all those loops and turns and dives and not be totally motion sick is beyond me!
The F-16 Falcon and F/A-18 Hornet made us get out our earplugs. Amazing how far aviation has progressed and how fast, powerful and maneuverable these modern fighter planes are! I love how Phil captured their motion. It was mind boggling to me watching them fly by in silence, and then hearing the huge sound trailing behind. We stayed at the show for about 4 hours, and the time just flew by. (sorry, I couldn't help myself...)


  1. Your husband's photos are fantastic! My husband loves air shows and all of the planes and helicopters that come with them. I will have to show him these photos.

  2. Really awesome pictures. Sounds like a fun day!


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