Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Pet Layouts

I made this layout a few years back, but the pictures are more than 25 years old. The three cats - Flash, Dusty, and Tigger - were our first pets. I love the memories contained in these photos, but regret I didn't do more journaling about them. Maybe I could add some writing in the upper RH corner? Hmmm...
Currently we have two cats, Lucky (the fluffy princess) and Chessie (my sleek black cat). Here's a page I made recording Lucky's obsession with drinking from the bathtub faucet. I guess it's better than using the kitchen sink faucet, sigh.
I used the same design template for the next two layouts, once for Lucky and again for Chessie. Just like kids, I had to do a page for both of them! If you took Cathy Zielske's class, Design Your Life, then I bet you recognize this. It really is true that the same design with new pictures and colors can yield very different results. I need to remember this and quit trying to re-invent the wheel with every page I make!

Finally, lest you think we only like cats, here is a dog layout. This is not our dog; he belongs to the next door neighbors! This is our usual view of him through the fence as he waits to be petted or fed a treat. I just love this picture Phil took so I found a way to use it.  
Here is the same page in my album. Since the next layout is a 2-page spread, here's what I do. I love to find a stray piece of patterned paper that coordinates and add it as a filler page. This gives the eye a rest and really contributes to the scrapbook feel of the album. Does anyone else do something like this?


  1. I need to do some pet layouts - we have some fantastic photos and I have same fantastic cat scrap goodies

    Your black cat is very like ours!

  2. I love your pet layouts! Your Chessie looks just like our Dexter -- and our Dexter loves drinking from the bathtub faucet, just like your Lucky. Ah, cats. The layouts are cute, too -- and I love the filler paper idea on the dog layout!

  3. These layouts are great. I love the "Nick" layout. What a cutie pie! No I haven't done your pp trick, but that's a good idea.

  4. These layouts are adorable. That dog is to cute, peeking through the fence.

  5. Adorable pet layouts! Wow that is one of the best layouts with using older photos I've seen. I so need to scrap some of my older ones, thanks for the inspiration. :) And our kitty only drinks from the faucet too. *eye roll* ;)


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