Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome September

I love turning the calendar and being greeted by a brand new month. This one looks especially promising, full of fun weekends and start-up activities, time with family, friends and hobbies. And the return of college football. Lots and lots of college football. I can hardly wait.

But, one day at a time. After last week's delightfully cooler temperatures, we're back into summer mode here in central Ohio. To beat the heat and humidity, my morning walk is as early as I can get it in, (trust me, it's not all that early) and my evening bike ride is as late as I dare before it gets dark.

Exercise out of the way, now for a lovely morning in my craft room. First, a few purchases from the Silhouette store. Printing the free monthly sketches from Page Maps.

Next a little clean up from layouts I finished last week. They're design team pages, so I can't show them yet, but here are the supplies I used on one. Notice something missing? There's no patterned paper! Crazy, I know.

Later I have a few books to return to the library. I've been on a knitting book kick lately. Only one book in this pile is from our local branch. All the rest came from inter-library loan. I've taken such advantage of requesting books that I wonder what the librarians do when they see my name come up, again. Do they mind performing this service for me, or heave a little sigh of impatience with my persistent demands? I don't think I'll ask.

Conveniently, the library is located near a small cafe that just opened up downtown. I feel it my civic duty to support small local business, especially if it involves food, so I'll go check it out for lunch. My first day of September is off to a great start!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Free Scrapbooking Classes

What better way to welcome myself back to the blogging world than with some free scrapbooking classes? More on that in a bit. If you are new to Life and Memories, welcome! Feel free to look around. There's several years worth of posts here, mostly related to scrapbooking. If you are a friend from before, you'll likely notice a few tweaks I've made to the blog since my last post. The idea is to include more of my life and interests from here on out. Never fear, it will still include plenty of scrapbooking. Glad to have you back! I'd love to catch up.

But, back to the free stuff. I've got three items, so I'm hoping at least one of them will be exactly what you are looking for heading into the fall season.

First, a 5-minute video aimed at conveying the importance of personal storytelling, as well as how well-suited the scrapbook page is for doing this work. It's the intro to a free series called "Your Stories Matter".

Next, if you want to become a motivated and efficient scrapbooker, here is a 6-part free series of videos, complete with checklists and worksheets, if you like that sort of thing. (I do) It's appropriately called "The Motivated and Efficient Scrapbooker".

Finally, here's a series of free videos and eBooks showing scrapbookers how to start pages with 5 solid design foundations, called "Free Design Guide: The 5 Scrapbook Page Starters That Will Let You Toss Sketches & Templates to Make Scrapbook Pages Like Top Designers". Quite a mouthful, but it gets the job done.

I'm excited to be back after a lengthy break, excited to offer these free resources because it's good stuff and it's all FREE!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Favorite Scrapbook Layouts of 2014

What a year 2014 has been for us! We basically re-arranged our lives in just about every way imaginable: new state, new community, new house, new job for my husband and a new baby granddaughter! It has been worth all the upheaval in so many ways for so many reasons. 

One thing that did not change was my love of scrapping. Here are my favorite layouts from the past year and a short explanation of why they made the cut.
This layout is included because there is a photo of me that I actually like. Shocking, I know.

Great memories of a location we lived in for almost 25 years. Don't tell my rabid OSU-fan family, but there are things about Michigan that are quite nice.

Any layout that combines photos spanning over 40 years is a winner in my book. I love making these kinds of connections.

Going to the beach is another family tradition that has spanned the decades. Finding new ways to document this ongoing story is a challenge I gladly accept.

Self-explanatory, don't you think? Plus, I have no words to describe.

He really is an awesome grandfather. I love being a grandmother with him. This is a great time of life for us and we are thankful.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed this blog, left comments, and just generally been supportive. I am grateful for the online friendships, especially this past year. My very best wishes to you all!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Scrapbooking with a Wonderful Focal Point Photo

Yikes, it's been a while. I have been scrapping, but these times, they are a-busy. Here's a little something created recently. It's the granddaughter again, of course!

How wonderful it is to have such a compelling focal point photo! Those tight crops can be stunning. Not only does the cluster embellishment highlight the focal point photo, but double matting and placing the title and journaling nearby bring additional attention.

I kept the embellishing simple for this layout, focusing on the unique shape and size of my stickers. But when it came to visual triangles, I went all out! The stickers form one triangle, the mini dots are in groups of three, there are three embellishment clusters, and the words “lucy” + “joy” + the large flower form a visual triangle of pink. Too much? 

Hope you are enjoying your holiday season!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Scrapbooking with a Big Circle Pattern

Here's a recent scrapbook layout made by combining trendy big circles with mixed media scrapbooking supplies and my Silhouette. The page is about our vacation this past summer. Right now there's several inches of snow on the ground, so I need a little beach fix.

Collection Featured: Fancy Pants Nautical
I die cut the circle frames with my Silhouette and painted them with watercolors. This technique wraps the photos in the warm colors of sunshine and sets a fresh summer mood for the page. Embossing paste and enamel dots create a subtle visual triangle around the circles. The washi tape behind the title helps it stand out on the page.

You can see what the rest of the Get It Scrapped! Creative Team did in the full article.